Best Honeymoon Destinations in America

If you have ever heard about the top things to do in Florida, Key Largo is certainly one of them. Why? Well, there are several explanations needed for this: first of all, Key Largo has a population of just five thousand people; secondly, it is surrounded by coral reef and fascinating aquatic life; finally – it also boasts an interesting historic background that makes it very popular among tourists. According to some reports, more than three million tourists visit Key Largo every year! This island region offers not only beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery but also numerous activities for both adults and kids. So if you want to spend a fun-filled vacation with your spouse or significant other while visiting America, don’t miss the chance to go on Key Largo.

Another great place for honeymooning in the United States is Miami Beach, located on the Atlantic coast of Florida. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest resort destinations in Florida and has a reputation for being one of the hottest party places in America. Finally, there are also some very popular nightclubs that attract guests from all over the world – so if you are not into partying or just want to avoid it, this might not be the best location for your honeymoon at all. On the other hand, Miami Beach has an interesting tourist history: during its early years (1920-1940) it was known as “Miami Courtland” or even “Coconut Grove.” It used to be a very quiet place with beautiful landscape and good climate but at some point, Miami Beach became one of the most famous resort destinations in America. If you think that your honeymoon should include exciting activities like dancing under the moonlight or strolling along colorful streets while holding hands with your beloved, then Miami Beach is definitely a great choice.

Another very popular and famous city in the United States is Las Vegas, Nevada. It is known as one of those places that you visit once in your lifetime, because it provides a truly extraordinary experience for its visitors. However, you should be aware that this destination does not actually belong to the USA – it belongs to Nevada! This state seems to be an ideal choice if you want an unforgettable honeymoon experience: with more than 46 million tourists visiting it every year, Las Vegas has been named “The Sin City” by millions of people around the world. Apart from gambling and night clubs, there are also several museums and interesting historic sites here. In addition, there are also some water parks where kids will surely have a great time on their vacation.

If you want to visit the most beautiful sand dunes in America, then it is high time for you to go to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve! It is a unique location on our planet: it appears that these enormous sand formations were formed as a result of the Fountain Fault rupture that took place about 14 million years ago. Another interesting fact is that they are still growing – up to three inches every year! If you consider visiting this marvelous national park with your partner or spouse, make sure you check out its interesting natural history first because there will be something special for both kids and adults here.